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I stumbled across VE Schwab’s blog today and noticed she’d been writing¬†about writing for 10 years. I fell into a deep black hole of reading every single blog post, stalking her journey from completing the manuscript to finding an agent to getting a book deal to where she is now. It’s: A) Inspiring. B) A…

JUNE : 4-5

I thought it might be a good idea to go around collecting sun where and when I could. I wanted to hold any ounce of it that I could when it made an appearance.

JUNE : 2

What once was a velvety swirl of beaten eggs, sparkling sugar, soft white flour and melting butter transforms slowly into golden wonders in cake shaped paper houses, rising and forming and rounding all by themselves… Baking is an art.


This is my ode to 2015 – one of the best years of my life and one of the hardest. This post includes a run down of my hardships, my blessings and my favourite moments, including convincing 100 people that I was the baby sun in Teletubbies.


A short poem about Emerald Lake in AB, Canada… “blurry and faded, abundant and tempting”


I made these blog posts so that I could remember my trip. If I hadn’t scribbled words on that back of my hand, in my notes app, into journals, this trip would have been a blur. If I hadn’t had my camera around my neck, my Polaroid wrapped in a scarf at the front of backpack or the Go Pro on a stick, this trip would have been forgotten.