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JUNE : 15 – 20

Over the last few days, I have thought a lot about how I don’t prioritise spending time with God. Here are my thoughts.

JUNE : 14

I locked myself out of my close today and sat on the pavement for two hours before going into a lovely cafe to use their toilet and crying in their kitchen. Humanity is strange but these people weren’t.

JUNE : 13

I am heartbroken and sickened by the Orlando shootings from Christina Grimmie to the innocent lives taken at Pulse Nightclub. This is me tribute to the victims and my rant at the terrible things and laws in the world.

JUNE : 10 – 12

I am getting married in less than seven weeks and despite my excitement, I have many ignorant comments about how I am ‘too young’ to get married. Read my short post about my thoughts on the truths of marriage.

JUNE : 8-9

My gran recently got a new home and I took some photos of it and spend time with her in this new stage of her life.

JUNE : 7

A post explaining and teaching an easy version of the classic dutch crown braid. It’s super easy, fun and cute!

JUNE : 6

I went for a walk around 10pm tonight through the farm roads. An extremely short post about the way a farm smells and how long lonely walks can actually make things worse.

JUNE : 4-5

I thought it might be a good idea to go around collecting sun where and when I could. I wanted to hold any ounce of it that I could when it made an appearance.