April: What I Watched πŸ“ΊπŸ”Š

Hello! I made a wrap-up of what I watched in March(I probably should do this more for books, but I’m watching a lot more TV than I am reading right now. Don’t @ me) and thought I should do one for April.

So let’s jump into it!

1. Cow Belles

Lol, I don’t know why I started off April by watching this film. I needed something easy to watch but to be honest, this stressed me out. I used to watch this film with my sister a lot when I was younger but watching it now, I realised it’s literally so dumb. It’s kind of a fun movie, but the acting is so bad. And it’s so cringe.

4/5 stars.

2. Incredible Hulk

We watched this on Ali’s birthday and I actually loved it a lot! It’s not my fave Marvel movie so far but I enjoyed the action and the storyline.

7/10 stars.

3. Waitress Musical

I saw Waitress was on YouTube and so I started to watch it and OMG IT’S AMAZING. Unfortunately, every 30 minutes, the video was taken down so I couldn’t watch it the whole way through with the same cast. But eventually, I got to the end over the course of a few days and it makes me so sad to think I might not ever get to see it in person. 😦

10/10 stars.

4. Fuller House (Season 4 & 5)

I finished Fuller House in April and oh my goshhhhhh. I am so sad it’s over. I might need to watch it again. I’m so glad they’re doing a part two of season 5 because that ending was too emotional and I need so much more. I just cried at like every single episode. It’s not the same energy as Full House but it’s good in its own way.

9/10 stars.

5. The Act (Rewatch)

Yes. I watched The Act again. I love it so much. I might watch it again in May before I cancel my Starz subscription because I will miss it. It’s such a dark story but the watch is soΒ  enjoyable.

10/10 stars.

6. Shane Dawson Conspiracy Video

I’m viewing this as a documentary even though it’s on YouTube. It was VERY silly, but I will watch anything this man uploads so I was happy.

7/10 stars.

7. Tiger King

I finished watching Tiger King, too. This wasΒ a journey.Β I can’t say I loved it, and I’m not raving about it but it was interesting to watch although it made me so mad 100% of the time.

5/10 stars.

8. Killing Eve

I’ve watched the first few episodes of Killing Eve season 3 and am liking it! It’s not as good as season 1 but I’m not sure if anything can beat that. The first two episodes were meh, but episode 3 picked up and a lot more humorous and charming moments.

7/10 stars.

9. Cheetah Girls

I watched this one night when I was feeling headache-y. DUDE. How did I never realise this movie was a feminine anthem?! Like wow. It’s got such a powerful message. The acting is, of course, amatuer, but I love the message and the storyline.

7/10 stars.

10. Fleabag

I rewatched Fleabag in April and…. I’m heartbroken again. Every scene of this show breaks my heart. I wish there were 913 seasons though because I could watch these characters forever and ever.

10/10 stars.

11. Princess Diaries 2

Ugh. Love. Not as good as the first movie, and not a fan of Mia faking her way through this whole film, but still a good watch. And I’m so glad that the Queen went with Joe. Makes my heart happy. (Also a feminist anthem).

8/10 stars.

12. Thor

Ugh. My bby Thor. My smol bean Loki. I love you boys so much.

10/10 stars.

13. This Is Us

OKAY! Hello new favourite TV show. This show is so freeeeeeeaking good. It’s got all the feelings: happiness, sadness, joy, grief, shock, comfort. Everything. The characters are amazing and the twists are so good. It follows this big family through different time lines and the writing is amazing. I’ve only watched five episodes but I love it.

10/10 stars.

14. Trials of Aaron Hernandez

I Netflix-Partied this with my sister & our friend. It was an interesting watch and the last episode was really good but I sort of felt it dragged out a little bit and it also made me angry. There are so many issues in the world and I don’t know if watching things like this is helpful for me right now.

4/5 stars.

15. Five Feet Apart

Holy smokes. I hate this story so much. The book was slightly better than the film (mostly because of the acting and it had a slightly different ending) but I still can’t recommend this movie or book.

2/10 stars.

16. Star Girl

Okay. The worst movie I watched this month. There was absolutley no plot or point to this film. The acting was not good and it was trying so hard to be quirky. Not a fan.

1/10 stars.

17. Avengers

I FINALLY WATCHED AVENGERS! I really enjoyed this movie. I was kind of confused for a lot of it, because I am so bad with action movies. But I loved the character dynamics and seeing Iron Man, Thor and Hulk come together. My heroes.

7.5/10 stars.

18. His Dark Materials

I started watching His Dark Materials because I want the story but can’t read the book. I found the writing so boring and confusing. So I’m watching the show and enjoying it a lot more than the books. Sorry Philip.

7/10 stars.

Overall Ratings

  1. This Is Us (10/10)
  2. The Act (10/10)
  3. Fleabag (10/10)
  4. Waitress (10/10)
  5. Thor (10/10)
  6. Fuller House (9/10)
  7. Princess Diaries 2 (8/10)
  8. Avengers (7.5/10)
  9. Killing Eve (7/10)
  10. Incredible Hulk (7/10)
  11. Cheetah Girls (7/10)
  12. His Dark Materials (7/10)
  13. Shane Dawson Conspiracy (7/10)
  14. Tiger King (5/10)
  15. Trials of Aaron Hernandez (4/10)
  16. Cow Belles (4/10)
  17. Five Feet Apart (2/10)
  18. Stargirl (1/10)

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