March: What I Watched 📺✨

I’ve seen people do monthly TV & movie wrap-ups for years now. Every month I attempt to keep a list of things I watched, but I always fail. Until now! And what a month to be writing about my wrap up, because I watched a ton of good things!

1. Don’t F*** With Cats

We kicked off our March by binge-watching Don’t F*** With Cats one afternoon, and oh – my – word. This show is incredible! It’s only got three episodes but it feels like a whole journey. It’s a true-crime documentary, and it’s not directed in a cringey way. There are no bad actors trying to reenact what happens. It uses real footage and interviews to tell the story. You’ll be on the edge of your seat all the time.

Trigger warning: Animal abuse, sexual violence & murder

2. The Clique

My sister & I grew up watching this film. It’s so bad that it’s good. After pole fitness class one evening, we decided to buy it on iTunes and rewatch it, and what a great decision! We laughed the whole way through this dumb movie, and I still love it as much as I did when I was 13. If you’ve never seen it, I don’t recommend watching now, because it won’t make any sense. But if you have a young kid, they might like it!

Trigger warning: Bullying

3. All The Bright Places

I actually considered writing a whole blog post review about this film, and I still might. But I would need to rewatch it. I read this book in 2016, and absolutely adored it, but of course, I was super sad about the ending. In fact, to me, it doesn’t fit with what the book is about and it makes me really angry thinking about it. Upon reflection, there are so many problematic things about this book, and Netflix contributed to that even more by making this out to be a full-on romantic film when it’s much deeper & darker than that. I can’t say I lovethe movie, but I still sobbed my eyes out at the end.

Trigger warning: Death, suicide, bullying

4. Love Is Blind

Technically, I watched this in February but I needed to add it here because I still can’t stop thinking about this. Love is Blind is a ridiculous reality TV show on Netflix. But it’s so addictive. I binged this so hard, and I loved every second. Basically, these people meet in these pods, where they can only talk, they can’t see each other. They have to get engaged in order to see each other. Then they go on a vacation, move in together, before announcing their final decision at the alter a month after meeting. It’s crazy.

Trigger warnings: Emotional abuse

5. The Act

THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING THAT I WATCHED THIS MONTH OMGGGGGG. If you’re interested in true crime at all, you HAVE to watch this. It’s a dramatic retelling of the Gypsy Rose Blanchard case and it’s incredible. The acting is stunning, the cinematography is great, the set is so believable and the storyline is done so so so well. I want to rewatch it 100 times, sitting 5 inches from the TV like I did the first time. You won’t be able to stop watching this crazy show.

Trigger warnings: Emotional, physical & verbal abuse, murder, Munchausen by Proxy

6. Parasite

This is the last movie we saw in the cinema before we went into lockdown and there were two other people in the movie theatre. It was a very strange experience. So was the movie. But honestly, I loved it. I would definitely watch it again! It’s by the far the most unique movie that I’ve ever seen; you can’t predict anything that’s going to happen. The tension is high!

Trigger warnings: Murder, violence and manipulation

7. Paradise Hills

Ali & I watched this dumb movie one evening. The trailer looked really interesting so we put it in. Honestly, the plot was good but it wasn’t executed well. It felt like a dark fairy tale retelling and I can’t tell if I enjoyed it or not. I don’t know. It was so weird. You won’t waste any time watching it because it’s very engaging, but I can’t tell if it was good or not.

Trigger warnings: Murder, manipulation, drugs

8. Captain America: The First Avenger

I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother is watching the Marvel movies right now, since Disney Plus came out. I’ve only ever seen Thor and Iron Man from the Marvel collection, so I’m so excited to finally be watching them. Of course, we started with this one! I liked it enough, but I found it really disengaging. I’m not really into movies that prioritise action over plot, and I felt the majority of this movie was just fighting scenes. But other than that, it was good?

Trigger warnings: Violence 

9. Captain Marvel

We watched this next and I enjoyed it much more. It had more of a plot that was weaved throughout the action well. I loved the Skrulls and their story arc. Vers is a fun character to watch, but I do think she’s missing some emotion. But overall, a great film!

Trigger warnings: Violence

10. I Am Mother

I watched this on a netflix party, and honestly, the netflix party was the best bit. I didn’t like this movie at all. It was set all in one small confined space which I felt reflected the plot: confined, slow and lacking. I didn’t have any emotional interested in any of the characters (there are only really three). When the movie was over, I honestly felt a bit relieved.

Trigger warnings: Murder, abortion, suicide

11. Fuller House

The TV show I’ve been watching throughout the whole month is Fuller House. I’ve watched Full House a million times, so I decided it was finally time to watch Fuller House – and OMG, I love it so much. It took me a while to get into it, and I don’t like some of the acting, but it’s so funny. I could watch 10 episodes in a row if I let myself.

Trigger warnings: Sex references, bullying

12. Princess Diaries

There’s no point in getting Disney Plus if you’re not going to rewatch all your fave childhood movies. I had to start with Princess Diaries because it’s been so long since I watched that. To be honest, I loved it even more than I did the first time. It’s just so iconic.

Trigger warnings: Bullying

13. Iron Man 1 & 2

Okay now – finally – we get to Marvel movies I’m actually starting to adore. ALI & I LOVE THE IRON MAN MOVIES. We haven’t watched the third one yet but 1 & 2 are SO GOOD. I’d seen the first one before and I remember loving it, but I couldn’t remember the plot at all. It’s so complex and detailed and tense. Plus the action is injected with humour which is my fave kind of action. My favourite thing about it is how he needs to fly. He looks like a very metal ballerina hahaha

Trigger warnings: Violence, death, murder

14. The Hannah Montana Movie

Let’s end with a bang. The Hannah Montana Movie is one of the reasons I was so excited to get Disney Plus. I just love this movie (not even ashamed). Ali watched it too, but he wasn’t a fan. I’ve never noticed how much this movie is one giant gag reel. Somebody dramatically falls over about every 5 minutes, whether it’s off a ladder, a horse or down a hill. It’s actually kind of stupid, but I still love it.

So that’s my wrap up! Here are my ratings in order.

  1. The Act (10/10 stars).
  2. Iron Man 1 & 2 (10/10 stars).
  3. Don’t F*** With Cats (10/10 stars).
  4. Princess Diaries (10/10 stars).
  5. Parasite (9/10 stars).
  6. Love Is Blind (9/10 stars).
  7. Fuller House (8/10 stars).
  8. The Hannah Montana Movie (8/10 stars).
  9. Captain Marvel (7/10 stars).
  10. The Clique (7/10 stars).
  11. Captain America: The First Avenger (6/10 stars).
  12. All The Bright Places (6/10 stars).
  13. Paradise Hills (4/10 stars).
  14. I Am Mother (2/10 stars).

What are you watching right now? Let me know! 

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