12 Songs I’m Loving – March 2020

A little while back, I made a blog post about 10 songs I was loving. I want to do it again because I feel music keeps getting better & better. So here are 12 songs I’m loving… a year and a half later.

Smile by Maisie Peters

This song is from the Birds of Prey movie, which I haven’t seen, but the song is so good. Although it’s very poppy, I find the lyrics really emotional. You can dance to this song, but also cry to it. Plus, Maisie Peters is angelic yet rebellious.

Run Away by Ben Platt

A friend recommended I listen to Ben Platt years ago. I gave his album a quick listen, then never reached for it again. However, in February, I started listening to it again, and I quickly fell in love with his voice for the first time. This song is so beautiful. It’s a pure ballad, but the minor notes scream out and make it somewhat unusual.

Only The Young by Taylor Swift

If you haven’t watched Taylor Swift’s documentary on Netflix, leave this blog post and go watch it right now. It’s… the best thing ever. This song is the new track from the documentary. While it wouldn’t stand out to me if I heard it on one of her albums, it does now because I know the deep meaning behind it.

Vulnerable by Selena Gomez

I’ve never really liked Selena’s music, but I’ve always loved her voice, so when her new album came out, I felt like doing an air punch. I finally liked the songs she was singing, and one of my favourites is Vulnerable. The lyrics are quick, snappy but great to sing along with.

Bad People by Lauren Aquilina

Lauren Aquilina retired a few years ago, in her early 20’s. Last summer, she made a hell of a comeback. All her new songs are full of fire, including this new release called Bad People. She shares images of driving in a fast car, flicking off the world, as she sings a slow, but angry song that will give you chillllllls.

No Time To Die by Billie Eilish

I always love the James Bond theme tunes, even if I fall asleep every time I watch a James Bond film. Billie Eilish sounds like she was made for a James Bond soundtrack. Her melancholy tone suits the tragedy of the song so well. Combine that with the accusation and sad lyrics, and you’ve got a timeless theme tune.

oh GOD by Orla Gartland

I’m doing you a service by introducing you to Orla Gartland if you haven’t already found her. Think the story-telling quality of Taylor Swift’s lyrics meeting the unique voice of Alana Morrisette which a unique Irish twist, because ultimately, no one compares to Orla Gartland. oh GOD is one of her newest songs in which she writes about her Catholic upbringing and how it messed her up.

Like Everybody Else by Lennon Stella

I’ll listen to anything, literally anything, by Lennon Stella. And I’ll listen to it 100 times. Her voice is this young, raspby, melodic thing that she has total control over. Every song she releases is flawlessly written and has beautiful, unique arrangements and melodies. This one is a bit more basic, but still gorgeous.

Nothing But You by Oh Wonder

This song caught my attention the most when I listened to Oh Wonder’s new album. I know that it’s because of the juxtaposition of some notes against the others, but it also reminds me of my lovely dog who we lost a few months ago. This song is about missing somebody you love, and they have written it so so well. It’s got a futuristic sound, and the singing is whispered, so although it’s sad, it has a hopefulness to it.

Shadow by Birdy

This song is nearly four years old, but I rediscovered it the other day while I was writing and wanted to scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs while I was in Tinderbox Cafe. This song is the definition of flowing. There isn’t one millisecond of this song that wastes time. The tune is addictive and sweet, like candy. I don’t even know what the lyrics talk about; I just adore the sound of this song.

People, I’ve been sad by Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens is a musical misfit. I’m not quite sure where her genre fits, but I know that it fits right in my ears, specifically this song. I love the descend of the notes in the verses, even if half of it’s in French. Her voice is strong but mellow, and her melodies are unique enough to carry the simplicity of her lyrics.

Bittersweet by Lianne La Havas

Ugh. Lianne. You absolute star. This woman deserves every Grammy ever, because her voice is timeless. She could sing a tragedy, a love song, a pop song, whatever, and it would be equally as beautiful. She belts out every single note without being obnoxious. This new song is definitely one of her bests. Once you get to that chorus, there is no looking back.

I hope you enjoy listening to some of these songs. I have aplaylistthat includes them all, and a few more, if you want to follow it on Spotify 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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