My 9 Favourite Comfort Movies

You guys voted on my Instagram for me to share my list of comfort movies!

I’m a huuuuge fan of rewatching films. I would much rather watch a film I’ve seen 10 times than watch something new that I’m not sure about. When I have a free evening, I love going to watch one of my comfort movies. So that’s what this list is all about.


If I ever need 90 minutes to take my mind off whatever crap is going on, Clueless is my number one go-to. I’m so glad that it’s back on Netflix because that was a long year with it gone, I swear.

From the hilarious one-liners to the juicy high school drama to the aesthetics in this movie, Clueless is a no-fail comfort film for me.

It follows Cher, a priveleged white girl who is trying to match couples up. Highly inspired by Emma by Jane Austen, this retelling is 10 times better than the book, in my opinion.

Stuck In Love

There is a strong theme of romance in my comfort movie lists. I’m not a hopeless romantic by any means, but when it comes to comfort movies, there going to be films that make you feel good, aren’t they?

Stuck In Love is genuinely one of my favourite movies of all time. This is partly because it’s about writers, and partly because the romance is actually unpredictable.

It isn’t a happy-go-lucky romance. There are breakups, divorces, deaths, and a lot more gloomy stuff. But it’s real life, and I get to cry every time, and that’s why I like it.

I always feel so warm after watching this film.

Lady Bird

I’ve actuallly only seen this movie twice, but oh my goodness, it is everything.

This is such a masterpiece about growing up, independence, breaking rules, daughter/mother relationships, losing your virginity and figuring out friendships.

I acutally feel emotional even thinking about this movie. The dialogue is flawless, and Greta Gerwig is a wizard. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s on Netflix. You’re welcome.

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie holds a huge place in my heart. This might be because of Sam Claflin and Lily Collins, but that’s okay. This film is such a comfort movie to me.

From the get go, you get the perfect balance of drama and comedy. The whole film, you’re left screaming and laughing and crying and rooting for the main characters. You don’t care what happens to them as long as they’re happy, and that’s a sign of good writing.

This is a cute, lovely, film that is often overlooked.


It has been way too long since I watched Juno. Yes, the opening scene is awkward as a 13 year old girl watching with your parents, but the rest of the film makes up for it.

This is another teen drama movie that is unpredictable. You spend the whole time falling more in love with the film and the characters as it continues.

It follows Juno, who accidently gets pregnant in high school. She isn’t with the guy anymore, her best friend encourages her to get an abortion, but in the end, she decides to keep the baby and face the consequences.

It’s such a sad, beautiful and lovely story.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

If you haven’t seen this movie, go treat yourself.

This is such a joyous film to watch. It follows Benjamin and Andie who are both trying to make the other fall in love with them for a work project. The only problem is that neither knows the other is faking the whole relationship.

Matthew and Kate’s on screen chemistry is real. There isn’t a scene that goes by where I don’t laugh. Every body I share this film with loves it, too.

Love, Simon

Based on the beautiful book, Simon vs the Homosapiens Agenda, Love, Simon is somehow even more beautiful?

I went to see this film in the cinema by myself and I sobbed from the opening scene. This movie is so personal to me, and every time I watch it, I am brought back to a place of such happiness and pride for someone very close to me.

This movie follows Simon, who has never told anyone that he’s gay, but when his private emails to his crush – Blue – get leaked, he has to come out, despite his fears.

This is the perfect movie to watch when you’re feeling down, because it will definitely cheer you up.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Harry Potter film, but which one? For me, it’s obvious. The Half Blood Prince!

Maybe this is unpopular opinion, but this is my favourite Harry Potter film by 100 miles. There is something so hilarious about it. When I watch it with my family, we crack up. I think it might be Ron & Lavender who make it for me, but it’s just a no-fail comfort film for me.

I love every second of this film.

A Simple Favour

While I have a dozen other comfort films, we’re going to end the list with A Simple Favour. I watched this film on a whim last summer, excited, but thinking it would let me down as I hadn’t seen much hype around it.

I was 100% wrong.

This film is absolutely magnetic. I couldn’t stop watching. I was on a roller coaster of emotions the entire way through, biting my nails, wondering what would happen next.

This is a psychological thriller (yay, not a romance!) starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick, two women I love.

As soon as the movie finished, I wanted to watch it again. I made my husband watch it soon after and he loved it, too.


I hope you find comfort in these films! Movies are such a good way to spend time with yourself without feeling lonely, and these films, specifically, are made to make you feel something.

Have a lovely day & check back soon for a new post. 🙂

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