Well, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. About three months!

The reason I’ve disappeared is because I’ve been on holiday! I went to London at the end of May for a lovely weekend, before traveling around the UK for a couple of weeks. Since then, I’ve just been getting back into the swing of my daily routine and catching up with friends (and watching Love Island, sorry!).

I want to share my London trip with you guys though! I am not London’s biggest fan. It’s loud and smelly and stuffy and crowded – all my least favourite things.

Yet there is still a charm about London. It’s the home to so many unique nooks and crannies. There’s always so much to do, and see, and experience. Every time I go, I do have such a good time!

So here are some things I did in my most recent trip that I recommend you do, too!

Get Off The Main Streets

When in London, you want to experience life as a local. So get off Oxford Street, get out of Westminster, get off the London Eye, and explore!

Seriously, just jump on the underground and go wherever it takes you. This time round, we stayed in Bethnal Green which was so cute and full of character and charm.

Also, top tip: stay in an Airbnb. Not only will you experience a new area, you’ll experience super cool London homes.


Everyone loves Greenwich. It’s a cool area in London that you can get to by going through an underwater tunnel. Unfortunately, you can’t see out the tunnel; it’s all cement, but it’s a pretty cool (and creepy) thought.

While we were there, we strolled around the park. It’s absolutely huge and great for dog walks, runs, cycles, picnics or even a cute little date.

Plus, you get super cool views of London.

Markets! Markets! Markets!

My absolute favourite thing about London (besides the bookshops) are the markets. There are so many markets with amazing food and handmade arts and crafts.

I definitely recommend Borough Market and Camden Market! They’re my faves.

This time we went to Greenwich market which was lovely, too, and in a really great area!


For a more specific recommendation, we have Pergola! It’s an indoor street food market in a lovely conservatory. It does get super hot though, so be warned.

The food is amazing, and they have loads of vegan options! There’s also a bar with really nice drinks.

The best part about Pergola is the atmosphere. It’s just a really chilled happy place with nice pastel colours and great views. I’d love to go back here.

See A Concert

If you have the time, money & chance to see someone amazing, go to a London gig! It’s special going in London because the artists are extra excited – because it’s London. And the stadiums are amazing.

We managed to see Muse while we were there and I was BLOWN AWAY.


They were so good and the venue was INCREDIBLE. It was like a Sci-Fi Rock concert and I had the besssst time.

Cereal Killer Cafe

I’ve seen so much press surrounding this amazing cafe. It’s a breakfast place where you can get literally every kind of cereal ever. Discontinued, limited edition, Japanese, American, whatever you want!

You can also get Pop-Tarts, cereal milkshakes and ice cream with cereal through it!

So if you want a sugar rush in the coolest of settings, this is the place to go.


You’re probably on my blog because you like books in the first place, since that is predominantly what I write about.

You have got to visit loads of bookshops while you’re in London, even if you aren’t going to buy anything!


There are so, so many amazing buildings and layouts so the friend you’re dragging around after you will still have an awesome time.

The ones I visited this weekend were Foyle’s, Persephone Books & Daunt Books. I honestly couldn’t even choose a favourite because they were all perfect.

Hopefully, these tips give you some guidance for your next, or first, trip to London! Of course, if you’re going to London, you have to see a show, too. We can recommend HAMILTON (of course), Matilda, or School of Rock, but honestly, they’re probably all amazing.

Have funnnn! 🙂 


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