Gilmore Girls is one of the most charming, peaceful, lovely, funny tv shows ever. So, no doubt, everyone that watches it wants a memento from the show!

Thankfully, lots of independent shops celebrate the show with handmade unique items that you can’t get anywhere else!

In this blog post, we’ve narrowed down a few for you complete with prices, links, and gorgeous photographs!

1. Stars Hollow Candle by Madame Fiction


This must-have Gilmore Girls candle is vegan and ethically sourced & made. So while celebrating your favourite show, you’re also supporting small, fair businesses around the globe.

Of course, this candle will also transport you right into the heart of Stars Hollow.

Transport yourself to every autumn lover’s dream with this Stars Hollow candle. It is a cosy warm scent, the pumpkin and the chestnut making it feel like a cold October night all year round.

It comes with a wood wick & soy wax! It’s also available in 2 other sizes.

Prices start at £4.50.

2. Where You Lead I Will Follow Ring Set by Silver Statements


This is the perfect Gilmore Girls purchase for you and a special someone: a mother, daughter, best friend!

The simplicity and elegancy of the ring set makes it suitable to literally any style.

The ring comes in many sizes, and they are hand stamped. This means that each ring is made to order, which ensures it’s designed perfectly and in time for you.

Prices start at £20.55.

3. Coffee Coffee Coffee Pin by FrescaDesignbyVTD


OMG. This pin is so cute and glamorous. It is sure to make a statement on any outfit, backpack or pin board. Plus, it totally gives off Lorelai vibes.

This hard enamel and gold pin is handmade and comes in beautiful packaging to prevent scratches while it’s in transit. When it arrives at your doorstep, you will be able to take your favourite drink everywhere with you!

Prices start at £7.11.

4. Dragonfly Inn Candle by Madame Fiction


Yep, another one from Madame Fiction but trust me, these are too good to resist.

This is probably one of my favourite candles of all time. And, I have a lot of candles.

This just makes me feel so summery, with it’s delicious blend of fruits and sweets! Apple & caramel is the perfect mix. Blended with peach and and vanilla? SUMMER GOODNESS.

Prices start at £4.50.

That concludes our Gilmore Girls merch obsession! Check back another time soon for some more merch recommendations! Maybe another Gilmore Girls one will appear. 🙂


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