Okay, somehow I managed to read eight books this month.

I’m on a roll.

But that makes me feel like I’m going to crash any month now and read literally nothing.

But hey – that’s okay. I’m enjoying it at the moment!

Here’s my key to reading a lot: set aside the time. Be strict. Every day between finishing work and starting the dinner, I read, even if it’s for half an hour. This is a sacred little time for me. My dog will be sleepy, my husband isn’t home yet, and any evening activities are still hours away.

Let’s get into the wrap-up!

1. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

3.5 stars

This book has been kicking around Instagram for over a year now. I received it in the January 2018 Fairyloot box but I still hadn’t yet it. For some reason, it was calling to me and since I’m such a mood reader, I obeyed while the time was right.

I was hooked immediately with this one. The story opens with a double murder, faeries and some great sister dynamics. For the first 100 pages or so, I was totally invested in this story.

But as the story continued, the huge cast of characters kind of got lost on me and it made the story confusing.

The main elements were there though: the plot is complex and carefully woven, the characters are interesting enough and the writing is pretty flawless.

However, I couldn’t get on board with the overall delivery of the book. There was way too much packed into 360 pages and especially being a very political story, it was too overwhelming for me.

cruel pirnce.png

2 & 3. Adulthood Is A Myth by Sarah Anderson

5 stars

I can’t fault this book. It’s a quick, easy to read, graphic novel about what it means to be an adult. 

I read it twice in one night because it’s just that good.

I laughed out loud many times. It’s an honest depiction on bills, loneliness, shaving and much more. Recommend!


4. You by Caroline Kepnes

*wipes sweat from forehead*

4.5 stars

This book still haunts me. Now, I didn’t find it particularly scary at the time – addictive, yes – but for some reason, I still think about it every single day. 

Joe is definitely one of those characters that stick in your mind. It’ll probably take a while to get him to leave.

If you didn’t know, this book follows Joe, a bookstore clerk, who stalks Beck, an aspiring writer. Set in New York City, Joe does everything he can to ensure that Beck sees him and only him. Although she has a few secrets of her own that might jeopardise their entire relationship, just when it’s starting to seem stable.

This book is absolutely unlike anything I’ve ever read. And I’ve read some pretty weird things!

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars – mostly for my overall enjoyment. It wasn’t perfect and I did have some issues, particularly with characters (Beck & Peach, I’m looking at you…) but my, oh my, did I love reading this one!

My full review is here.


5. Hearing the Underwater by Savannah Slone

4 stars

I was sent this beautiful selection of poetry from the author. I always get nervous when authors ask me personally to review stuff but with this, I was thoroughly impressed from start to finish.

This is poetry. It’s not that one sentence cut in half stuff that (which seems to be the only way people know how to write poetry these days). This is rhythmic, gorgeous, deep poetry and I want more of it right now. 

hearing under.png

6. The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket

3 stars

I remember really liking this book (12th in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series) when I was younger but for some reason this time, it didn’t grab me.

In fact, I couldn’t tell you more than three things that happened in this book. I got so bored when reading it that I just skimmed through bits.

I have to take the blame for that: I wasn’t in a good headspace when reading it, but I still can’t be more generous with my rating.

7. The End by Lemony Snicket

5 stars

However! The End – the final book in the series – is great. I was gripped the whole time and it has the perfect bittersweet ending which fits the whole series but is still satisfying.

I’m looking forward to watching the last season of the show!

8. You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke

you let me in.png

I finished this book this morning so I’m still trying to work out how best to review it but overall, it was okay. 

It’s about an Airbnb rental gone wrong. When Elle returns from her holiday, her house feels different until she discovers, well, it is different. Things are broken, moved, and cryptic messages keep appearing.

Throughout the novel, Elle’s secrets are uncovered as she has to learn to face her own demons and her real life threats, too.

Sounds great, right?

Well… it wasn’t my favourite. I buddy read it with a friend of mine which was super fun because we got to theorise together but in the end, we were both kind of like, “Oh. Okay. That’s that, then.” 

Lucy Clarke definitely has skill when it comes to layering and revealing a complex plot but I think with a psychological thriller, it’s weird when there’s no threat or real risk. The lack of murder is definitely noticeable.

No one is dead when the book begins and no one is dead when the book ends. It’s the tamest of all psychological thrillers and that made the reading experience a little flat.


Thanks so much for reading my wrap up! I’m excited for March’s reads now 🙂

Sleep less,



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