As I’m writing this, it’s January 31st. My stomach is rumbling. I haven’t had breakfast yet.

I’m feeling a bit nervous for tomorrow. My body is probably so used to the light plant-based diet that I think it will take some adjusting to go back to meat. However, I’m so excited to be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. 

I do not like being limited by such a normal thing: food.

I did think, going in to veganuary, that I might come out the other end with the commitment to be a vegan full time.

The opposite happened. I cannot ever imagine myself being a vegan. Pescetarian at most, but I like to enjoy a wide variety of foods.

I don’t eat a lot of meat, and I do what I can to make sure I’m eating sustainably as well as healthy. I enjoy things in moderation. With veganuary, I have felt extremely limited, particularly around the limitations of eggs & dairy, which are in almost every easy-access treat ever (ie, cakes, biscuits, etc…). This month, I feel I haven’t been able to enjoy food, especially in social situations.

For me, that’s not a healthy approach because food can be such a difficult thing to have a good relationship with anyway. Thankfully, this month, I have managed to have control over what I eat and didn’t let it control me. 

I didn’t skip meals or go hungry. I just had to put a lot more effort into finding what I could & liked to eat.

I have learned a lot this month, and I’ll be taking a few recipes forward. I had fun experimenting even if 70% of them it failed. I will probably do a couple vegan days a week because I do feel healthier, lighter and more awake when eating this way.

I had so many interesting conversations with people, who feel such a need to voice their opinion when you tell them your diet. It’s actually so sad because frankly, it’s none of their business and a diet someone chooses to have might be a reflection of a sensitive situation in their life (ie, health, mental wellness, etc…). You should not judge someone’s diet.

For the last week of Veganuary, I haven’t struggled as much. I got some treats that I really enjoyed and baked a rather delicious vegan lemon cake. I will insert photos of all my foods below but from here on out, I’m going to eat whatever I want. I know that’s not trendy or a popular opinion, and I know I’m not doing amazing things for the environment but there comes a point when you have to make sure that your happiness and comfort is prioritised. If veganism becomes easier, more accessible & tastier, maybe I’ll revisit it but for now, it’s not something I can commit to.

If you did veganuary, let me know how you found it!

Thanks for following along 🙂 

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