Vegan. Veganism. Cruelty-free.

All these words can cause a stir, start a conversation, spark an argument. They’re controversial, as are the topics of veganism and plant-based diets.

And that is what I’ve struggled with most this week.

No matter what I say, someone seems offended by the fact that I’m eating vegan.

Even though it’s only for one month.

I’ve noticed this more this week because I went to four parties. (I’m so sociable, woo…)

I had such a great time at all these events but it did seem that no matter what, someone had something to say.

“Why are you doing it?” is obviously the most frequent. This is absolutely fine. In fact, I enjoy this! But it’s when people ask it even after I’ve explained it.

I’ve noticed that people are so close minded to things they don’t understand. In most cases, people don’t even try to understand.

Another is: “Just sod it. Just give up.”

This is where I started to get annoyed. This has been said to me by very close friends, even my husband (!!) has said it. In the midst of everyone enjoying chicken casseroles and cakes, of course, I want to give up, too! But… that would be failing. That would be giving up, giving in to impulses and temptation which is a huge reason as to why I’m doing this.

I am a Christian and am surrounded by Christians almost every day. A huge thing that is talked about in church, and the bible – it’s one of the fruits of the spirit – is self-control. It actually baffles me that people are encouraging me to ignore this quality, and just give up. 

Another topic that has been glossed over is my weight. I’ve always been underweight; it isn’t something I can do anything about. I eat a lot, I’ve never dieted and if I’m hungry, I resolve it.

However, I’ve always just been underweight.

A few people have expressed concern for me which is absolutely fine. In fact, thank you – I appreciate it.

But others have said that I’m looking a little thin.

I’m sorry – what?

First, always have been. Sorry.

Second, why is my weight a concern for you?

Third, if you are concerned, there are other ways to say it.

Coming back round to controversy, people always feel the need to put their opinion of veganism into the conversation when I tell them what I’m doing.

I’m all for having friendly debates but these are conversations which are actually judgmental.

A huge pet-peeve of mine, and of many others, are what we call “militant vegans” who go around trying to convert everyone.

It works the other way around. We have “militant carnivores”. I’m eating vegan for one month and people genuinely have the goal of their conversation to be to convert me back because they don’t agree with it.

I don’t care if you don’t agree with veganism or carnivorism; don’t try and convert people to either side.

What a person chooses to eat is entirely their choice, especially in a world where there are so many unhealthy pressures surrounding food and diet.

Having said all that, these comments are what keep me going until the end of January.

And overall, this week, my food has been pretty good. Let’s say 7/10.

Here are two photos because clearly, I was too excited to eat the stuff than to take photos of it.

carrot walnut cinnamon cookies
coconut satay sweet potato noodles

Thanks for reading. Xo


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