Thank the Lord week two is over.

I really am thiiiiiis close to giving up. *holds thumb and pointer finger two milimetres apart*

A lot of people have been urging me to give up.

“Why don’t you just stop?”

“It’s not worth it.”

“Sounds brutal.”

These comments only make me want to keep going even more. To prove a point.

That’s the stubborn kind of person I am.

In all honesty, it has gotten slightly easier. I made a really nice curry last night. Thanks Jamie Oliver!

I did have a sort of epiphany mid week though. It didn’t last long but when doing my devotion on the verse give us our daily bread, I came to realise how almost disgusting it is that I’m complaining about veganuary.

First, it’s my choice. So shut up Beth.

Second, there are people who can’t afford such a choice.

Third, there are people who can’t afford any food. Yet here I am complaining about a decision that made.

So, I’ve kind of quieted down on the complaining front. I’m trying to be thankful for what I eat, which is so hard when pretty much everything tastes of nothing.

But that brings me back to the main reason I did this in the first place: to challenge myself and remind myself that I’m in a privileged enough place to do this. To stop taking advantage of having everything at my fingertips.

So, with that in mind, I dare myself to continue. 

As for the food, I haven’t been photographing it as much but here are the few photos I have.

Thanks for reading! Xo

2019-01-12 11_22_43.673
Gregg’s famous vegan sausage roll. Can’t really recommend though…
Ok, so this was supposed to be a lime coconut risotto but I didn’t have lime. So it turned into an orange/lemon/coconut/five spice risotto. Added the five spice because it was v bland without.
2019-01-09 17_56_16.429
This was a balti veg curry. Actually pretty tasty – just wish I used full fat coconut milk for extra creaminess. 

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