I read an article called ‘What Death Can Teach Us’ by Frank Ostaseski recently. It was so surprisingly honest and insightful. I think everyone should reach for some of his writing/speaking because he has wonderful ideas that I think should totally be integrated into Western culture.

{you can listen to a podcast from him here on the topic, or buy his book here. his article doesn’t seem to be online. i read it in the womankind magazine}

I wrote a novel and am querying with agents now. My novel is about death. That is the major theme. In my third chapter, one that I send in my queries, I talk about death a lot. Ostaseski’s article inspired a new couple of sentences to put in that chapter, and so here they are:

Treat death like an old friend. She is someone with you from beginning to end. You don’t need to see her often to know she’s always there. She offers wisdom and insight throughout your life; she is with you every step of the way.

Death is your friend. Death is your teacher, your mentor, your leader.

It’s weird how little pieces of writing you never intended to read can inspire your own. I loved how Ostaseski referred to death in feminine pronouns (so I kind of stole that) and I also loved how he wrote that ‘we don’t have to wait until the end of our lives to realise the wisdom that death has to offer’. That line is perfect. It’s so true, but a mantra so easily forgotten in the busy daily grind of life.

I took that idea and turned it into a relevant sentence in my third chapter that I think summarises the ideology behind the theme of death.

Let writing inspire you. Steal ideas & form them into your own unique ones. Keep reading.

In other news…


I took the plunge. I did it! Today has felt really strange since doing so. I made my husband click ‘send’ for the first submission.

My overriding feeling is gratefulness.

I’m not nervous because I’m treating this as a ‘trial run’ for the agents I really want. Although I would still love if these agents represented me, I’m not putting my all into these submissions. I’m going to be okay if they say no.

But why am I feeling grateful? Well, because I did it. 

And I couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for all the people around me who have supported me emotionally, practically, spiritually & financially. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity. I’m grateful to have written a novel.

I’m also grateful that I can do it again. If this doesn’t get picked up over the next year or so, I’m not going to give up. I’m going to keep writing! Even if nobody ever reads anything else (which would just be silly, because I would self-publish but ya get the idea), I love writing enough to do it simply for me. 

So, yeah. I submitted my manuscript. I’m going to find another three agents to submit to over this weekend and then I am going to do another edit before letting it go and starting book number two. (Which already has a potential title, even if I only have a 4 sentence plot summary.)

Keep following the journey. If you also like to write, let me know. I’m always looking for new writer friends 🙂

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