August has been incredible for finding new songs and artists. Thanks to Spotify creating radios, I’ve discovered so many amazing tunes. Without further ado, let me recommend 10 songs I’m loving right now. (Click on song title to be taken to the link in a separate tab.)

Get Well Soon by Ariana Grande

This is the final song on Grande’s new album, Sweetener. It is about her anxiety she experienced after the Manchester attack. It mixes familiar sounds of pop with flavours of jazz and soul music. Her pure voice carries the sound to the very end, making those last 40 seconds of silence a time to reflect on the unique sounds we just heard. Plus, it brings the song to a total of 5 minutes and 22 seconds, reflecting 5:22 (May 22nd), the day of the Manchester Arena bombing.

White Flag by Bishop Briggs

This song opens with a dark, almost marching, beat which leads into an angry empowering, yet still catchy, chorus. Bishop Briggs has a very deep raspy addictive voice.

Wake Me Up by Fickle Friends

Ugh. This song. It always makes me feel so good after I listen to it. I think it’s the pattern of notes that form a unique yet familiar rhythm that’s both uplifting and easy to sing along to. Plus, the lyrics: ‘We are absolutely failing.’ It’s a simple three words but something we’ve all felt. The song is about doing everything to make a relationship work when it’s not destined to.

Oxygen by Fresh Life Worship

It’s rare I find a Christian song that makes it into my favourites list. They have a tendency to all have a similar thread of sounds. But this one caught my attention the other day. With the powerful vocals that open up a very honest dialogue with God, this song easily sketched itself in my memory.

Uh Huh by Jade Bird

This is another one that caught me by surprise. It’s Jade Bird’s newest release and it has undertones of Alanis Morrissette. The lyrics are angry and honest and tell a story – something that I always fall for. It’s verging on rock music while not isolating itself from pop. Bird’s voice is hungry for something, deep, angry yet still lovely.

No Goodbyes by LEON

This song opens with notes of a ballad before wiring in deep mellow percussion until it builds up into a really incredible chorus. The sounds are soft and harmonising while the hook is addicting. You’ll be singing it word for word by the third chorus.

Grit Your Teeth by Martin Luke Brown

Every time I listen to this song, I fall in love with it more and more. As you can see from this list, I gravitate towards female singers. But MLB does what other men in the industry aren’t right now. He’s creating soft, lyrical, fresh sounds. Plus, his voice is amazing – it can go deep and it can go high. His verses show off his natural singing voice whereas the chorus, he shoots up to those high notes that are difficult for even women to  hit.

James Has Changed by Pheobe Ryan

The title of this song is what made me listen to it and I’m glad I did. Although the sounds are very faithful to the current pop movement, Ryan’s voice is girlish and fun and the lyrics expose specifics, something that I think is important in music. Writing a song that isn’t necessarily relatable to everyone but exposing your own story is something we should appreciate more. Art isn’t always created for the audience.

If It Wasn’t For the Nights byAbba

A friend introduced me to this song and after a few repeats of it, it easily became a favourite. Abba is at the forefront of music again with the release of the new Mamma Mia, and I’m okay with that. It has that classic 70’s feel while still being relevant to the twisting turns that music is taking in modern day. And, extra bonus, it’s easy to dance to.

Dear Fear by Maisy Stella

I am absolutely obsessed with the Stella sisters’ voices. They’re so pure and rustic and new. They can do amazing things with their vocals. This song is from the Nashville soundtrack and while I’m seasons and seasons behind and therefore don’t know what the song is specifically about, it has very strong themes of overcoming trauma. It’s even more impressive when you realise Maisy is only 14 years old.

I hope you enjoy all of these recommendations. Comment below what you’re currently listening to!

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