It’s Father’s Day soon. Very soon! And shopping for those dads is HARD, am I right? That’s why I’ve put together a list of 5 things you can get your dad (or any other admirable male figure in your life) last minute.

Michael Buble’s new cologne – Pour Homme

This new fragrance works for any man – tested and tried on my dad, husband, brothers and those around them. It encourages the modern man to be whoever they want, whether that’s an electrician, software engineer, jazz musician or mechanic. It comes in a beautiful sleek navy blue box which holds the glass translucent bottle. Inside, there is either a 120ml or 70ml bottle, depending on which you choose. It’s perfect for a Father’s Day lunch, an evening with friends or something more formal such as a birthday or wedding. If you order now at this website, you get a free travel spray of his other perfume, By Invitation. Perfect if you’re thinking of sneaking a bottle for yourself!

I bet you’re wondering what it smells like. Well, it’s lovely, powerful, clinging and charming. The top notes are bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper and ginger. It’s sophisticated and clean. These notes are complemented by soft notes of neroli and cashmeran, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. It’s refreshing and energised.

It sure did that for me. While taking some shots of the perfume, I had a little spritz myself and I think, although it’s aimed at men, it works great for women, too. It’s soft, light, fruity and earthy and of course, anybody who likes to can wear it with pride.

A date with you

Something I love to give my parents as gifts is a ‘ticket’ for a night out where I will treat them to dinner followed by perhaps a gig, theatre or movie. It will mean so much to your dad and you’re giving him memories rather than more socks to fill up his drawer. Why not introduce him to one of your favourite restaurants and cafes so he can see into your life?


A board game

Before you roll your eyes, DON’T. Playing games and getting competitive with my dad is one of our favourite past times. Plus, it’s a chance to be silly together and bring out your inner child which tends to hide away a little more each year you age. Some of our favourite games include: Balderdash, Very British Problems, Cluedo and Mysterium. I’m sure your dad will appreciate one of these – years of great (and sometimes tearful…) memories.


Everyone has a sweet tooth, even just one! It’s in there somewhere… Why not suss out your dad’s favourite guilty pleasure snack and by him enough to last a little while? My dad loves Licquorice Allsorts. Yours might love chocolate, skittles, lemon drops or even coffee is a nice thoughtful gift to give.

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

A book

Last but not least, what about a book? My dad loves audiobooks so I could gift him one on there but if your dad loves a physical book, I always think this is a meaningful present, especially if you’ve done a little research into the book and found one that will be great for him. What’s your dad interested in right now? Economics, space, romance, aliens? There’s a book for it! Have a look on goodreads and explore all the genres. There will be something for him.


I hope this blog post helped you get those gears working in order to choose a gift for dad. I can’t recommend the cologne enough – my dad loves it. When I gave it to him, he sprayed about a thousand squirts on himself! But… one is enough 🙂

*Thank you to Fragrance Group London for sponsoring this post*

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