Goodbye Summer…

Goodbye Summer. I will not miss you. 


Hannah Tolson

It’s a rare day that I say that I do not long for warm weather. Growing up in a place where the average summer day hit the mid-90s, Scotland has been a place where I’ve struggled from May-September. My feet have been cold, my fingertips grow numb, the tip of my nose shifts to a pinkish-red and in the mornings, I can still see the mist of my own breath.


Dylan Morton

I fantasise about summer most of the year. I crave watermelon ice lollies; walking through the back garden in bare feet; reading a book at the beach, leaving with sand in the heels of my shoes; watching my skin go from pale to scarlet to bronze.

This year, I experienced all of these things and unlike other times, I’m ready to say goodbye. Sometimes, you just know when you’re ready to let go…


I hate being cold. I hate shivering under my jacket, teeth chattering, nippy breeze biting my cheeks.

Kate Pugsley

Now, I know, I hate being hot. I’m not 15 anymore. I can’t handle everything.

Walking through Budapest in 38 degrees with no fan, nearly empty water bottles, hunting for shade in a cotton skirt is hardly pleasant. It blinds you from what you’re meant to be paying attention to: this other part of the world.

Roaming Europe, sweating in its streets, made me miss Scottish weather.

Upon arriving home, the first thing I did was turn the heating off, put on shorts and t-shirt and let myself be cold. I let myself feel it. The next morning, I walked around the park at 6:45am in just a vest. (obviously, trousers and shoes too but you know what I mean) It’s okay to be cold sometimes. It can even feel nice.

You can quicker warm up than you can cool down. A warm bath (with bubbles), a hot chocolate (with cream), a scarf wrapped around your neck, cosy wooly socks with fluffy lining, a burning crackling candle flickering. These things are things I’m ready for.

Sorry summer, but I’m not going to miss you. You were good. Perfect. Not too long. Not too short. Just right. I’ll see you again soon (in a long time) and I’m sure when you reappear, I’ll be ready for you again. But for now, we should go our separate ways.


Melissa Eymann

Song of the Week: 6/10 by Dodie Clark (her whole EP is golden)



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