JUNE : 7

I’ve been in love with crown braids for YEARS. Every tutorial video I watched seemed WAY too difficult though. And my hair is usually too long for them anyway; I can wrap it around 2/3 times and it just ended up looking so silly and lumpy.

Then one day, very recently, I found a cheat-tutorial for it and this morning I tried it out. It still doesn’t look perfect and it feels like I’m wearing a wet towel on my head but I’ve had a few compliments on it already today so I thought I’d share!

So this is what it looks like if you were just facing me and having a conversation.


This is it from just above me. It is super casual and cute and although your face feels super exposed it frames your face quite nicely and if you want, you can leave little hairs out to frame it even more! I can’t do that just now because my fly-aways are too long.


This is what it looks like from the side. If I had the perfect length hair then it wouldn’t cross over so much but I managed to hide the ends of the braid in the bigger braids so it actually looks okay. The only thing I would maybe do it advise you not to braid your hair while it’s WET because then the crown of your head dries all funny and can look a bit stringy.


This is it from straight above. It’s very clean and tidy but like I said, wet hair can dry quite stringy as you can kind of see. Another piece of advice – get a proper comb that has the wee tail thing so you can separate your hair in half. I parted my hair with my fingers so the back of my head looks a little messy. (However, my arm isn’t long enough to photograph that.)


And this is what it looks like from the front. Excuse me awkward face, I’m not an avid selfie taker so I’m not sure how to pose but focus on the hair, not the strange smile.

This is the tutorial that tells you how to do it! It might take a few practices! Just make sure you already know how to do a dutch braid and have small elastics and LOADS of curbies. Enjoy & good luck 🙂



Illustration by Kristine Brookshire


Song for today: ‘Yes Girl’ by Bea Miller. (A lot more upbeat than usual. Feeling #fresh today)




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