JUNE : 1


Welcome to June! These three months that we are about to endure always seem romanticised to me. They ring the word ‘summer‘ and when I think of them I imagine daisy chains, ice cream, bare feet, sunburns and late night road trips with nowhere to be in the morning. However, in reality, they are just the same as the rest of the year. We have to work, keep busy, complete tasks, become tired, fix things, balance our emotions and wear our rain coats. (Although, not so far because this June weather has been pretty lovely.)


Plot twist though, because I am about to have a romantic few months. I’ve got dreams that I’ve had for years coming true. I have an actual summer holiday for the first time in three years. (I’ve quit my job and am focusing on personal projects while I can). I’m venturing out to do two publishing internships. I’m working on my novel (as pretentious as that sounds). And perhaps, most excitingly, I’m tying the knot with someone special.


This is a summer I most certainly do not want to forget. And therefore, I hope to keep on top of this blog. Write something every few days, or even every day, depending on what happened, and stash this special time away as a memory I can look back on and smile. Just my noticings and thoughts and sparks.

The first of June was a brilliant start to the month. I had my makeup done by a nice woman in a vintage studio full of old bicycles, used magazines, patterned shoji screens, bunches of flowers, velvet couches and lovely conversation. I felt at home in a place full of such items that hold stories. (I forgot to ask how to remove fake individual lashes…)


My friend Alice and I helped a man who had fallen off a curb and broken his arm, bashed his head and twisted his ankle. We phoned him an ambulance and stayed with him until he came. Doing something good for someone seemed so obvious and easy. I hope he’s okay.

I discovered the joys of cheap lunch (thanks O2) and good customer service (thanks Mac, although your makeup is still too expensive).

I spent the entirety of my evening editing a piece for a job application which resulted in tired eyes from the screen brightening as the sunlight in my living room dimmed.


But I will fall asleep in June tonight, afresh in a new month and the start of a new time in my life where I have decided to embrace the things that make me happy and ignore the things that do not. It’s something all people should do from time to time…

Song for today: Darkness of the Day by Isaac Gracie – it’s soft and quiet and a nice lullaby to fall asleep to if you’re into that.

Art for todayhttp://kgriley.com/ 


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