Today, we had a new destination. We were leaving Vancouver to head to Whistler for the weekend.

We aimed to be there for 10am but we didn’t make it there until noon because we kept stopping on the drive up to admire the amazing views.

this reminded me of albania
love these guys
on the road up to whistler
not the worst place to stop for a bathroom break

After desperately searching for a bathroom after the long drive, we went into the little village of Whistler. It was so quaint yet modern. Cars cannot drive through it – you can only pass through it on feet. Even if you have a bike, you must walk it through the space. Everything is so close together in, all the buildings resembling that wooden log cabin feel. I felt like I was on a movie set.

z5                                         z6

We found some tourist inspiration, rented bikes and made a little plan for the weekend. Then we grabbed lunch with Margaret and Wayne, had some pulled pork tacos and went for a walk around Lost Lake.

Lost Lake
‘watch this’ …. ‘did that look real?’


Margaret and Wayne helped us get our bearings and then left to go back to Vancouver. Ali and I got our bikes and rode to Alta Lake in hopes to go paddle boarding. We were too late so agreed to go back the next day. Ali asked if I wanted to cycle back through the village or take the scenic route. The latter was longer but we had a whole afternoon and I was up for an adventure.


This is how I felt pretty much the entire time! Little did I know that it would be mostly uphill. I am way more out of shape than I thought and it felt like the cycle dragged on for my entire life even though it was only a couple of hours. My legs were burning and Ali was laughing fifteen feet ahead of me at all times.

‘dad… i shrunk beth in the washing machine’ … oh good one

We took a detour and jumped in on the other side of Alta Lake which was… refreshing but mostly disgusting because the bottom of the lake was slimy moss and plants that was too eerie for me to even let my feet touch it. I know… I’m a diva.

zz7 zz9

The sun didn’t dry our suits and so we cycled back to the hostel with wet swimsuits sticking to us. I could have cried when I saw the sign for our hostel. I could not be bothered cycling anywhere again despite that being our chosen mode of transport for the weekend. Because my swimsuit had soaked through to my shorts and t shirt (and I didn’t bring any extra clothes for the weekend) I had to wear Ali’s clothes to go out to dinner. (guess it’s a good thing it wasn’t vice versa) So I got in a taxi in oversized shorts and a top dangling down to my knees, looking like the ultimate definition of a skater chic or a tom boy (or a freak) and we headed into the village.

We went to a place called Ferny’s which is famous for its $5 meals which was a perfect price for us! I had maple bacon potato skins (yuuuuum!) and a salad and Ali had a truckload of chips and macaroni. There were no lights on in the village or on the patio of the restaurant so we ate our food by flashlight from our phone

Then we got the taxi back to the hostel, sat down to chill when Ali realised that he didn’t have his phone. We look everywhere… I phoned it… it’s nowhere. He thinks he has left it in the taxi so we call the taxi and they have it (thank goodness) so that was a fantastic nine minutes of panic.

‘beth i’m peeing!’
classic hiking with no shoes
getting in trouble for not keeping my helmet on during this extreme moment of our day
sums up my first evening in whistler


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