Today, we went to the suspension bridge! A day of jelly legs, selfie sticks and long long walks.


We got up around 7 and got a free shuttle (yas #studentlife) to Capilano. The whole place was all wooden and quaint and rustic with that earthy smell of wood and pine. We felt so touristy and silly with our cameras hanging from our necks: snap happy.

vancouver traffic

The bridge was so high up and Ali (being Ali) walked side to side as he went along it so that the bridge swung, enough to z3make you stumble.

It’s not me!” He’d say as he so obviously put his weight on each side of the bridge, while everyone on the bridge tripped over their own feet. Who needs health & safety??

We then did the Treetop Adventure where mini suspension bridges string between the treetops. The place is a rainforest so when you look above you, there’s a canopy of trees: you can’t see the blue skies but green, fresh, pretty trees.

We sat for a drink and cakes while watching little chipmunks run around. Then we did the Cliffwalk which is a trail of bridges hanging out off the side of a cliff, looking out onto the river. It was so cool to see the mountains, trees and views while also having that little bit of adreneline pumping around from being up so high.

We got the bus back and went to go find the Coldstone Creamery. I saw online that there was one in Vancouver and I was so so so excited because it was my favourite ice cream place in Minnesota and I hadn’t had one for over five years. So we found some wifi to guide us to where it was when it comes up in bold red writing that Coldstone Creamery is ‘permanently closed’.

Gutted! All I wanted was some good ice cream.

(so we didn’t go obviously and then on our very last day in Canada, after we’d gone for different ice cream, WE WALKED BY AN OPEN COLDSTONE CREAMERY!!! just my luck)

these trees were the best part of the holiday
‘i survived that’ lol hadn’t even walked across it yet
before Ali got arrested for shaking the whole bridge
‘wood… i need to touch it’

z4 z2 z8 z9

So we walked to Granville Island instead. It seemed like we were walking forever but the Canadians are so lovely! If we are looking at all confused for even 3 seconds, someone will stop or even pull over on their bike and ask us if we need any help – it’s so great! Someone guided us to a place where you get a little boat across the water onto the island.

Granville Island was crazy! It is so busy and you almost feel like you’re in a little European village rather than Canada, with all the fresh fruit and vegetables. I even got in trouble for taking a photo of some copy righted art. Whoops. I’m a criminal.


Then we had some fish and chips which were, no offense, much better than Scotland’s. We got some fresh lemonade and iced tea and sat looking out over the water, all the while totally hyper and laughing at literally every single thing. I stood for about a whole minute doubled over at the side of the road in laughter.


We also put the engagement on Facebook today and we got over 200 responses EACH! We know how crazy it is going to be when we get home so we are just relaxing and enjoying our trip for the next few weeks before we begin planning and catching up with everyone.

you’ll never taste better fish & chips

Then I finally got to read some of my book. I brought five books to Canada and have had no time to sit down and read but I lay on the swinging seat outside in the sunshine and just read.

Margaret made a chicken pot pie and added a little surprise on the top there
can you get a more instagram friendly photo
begging Ali to take photos because i was too scared after getting in trouble


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