19 to 20

When you go from 19 to 20 years old, just rememberkatepoewell4

The sun will still look the same through your eyes.
Kisses will still feel the same on your skin.
Music will still sound the same in your ears.
Flowers and teabags will still smell the same in your nose.
Chocolate and coconut will taste terrible in your mouth.
Tears will still sting on your cheeks.
Jealousy will still kick you in the ribs.
Maturity will still be a laughing matter.
Money will still not magically appear.
Dreams will still haunt you, taunt you, flaunt you.
Skinny Love’ will still be your favourite song.
Writing love stories will still be your favourite thing to do.
Exercising will still bring the same achy grudge.
McDonalds will still not make you fat.
Heartbreak will still require a hug from your mother.
Newspapers will still be black, white and tragic.
Little kids will still be fun to talk to.
Bikinis will still be acceptable. So will long hair.
Your tea will still have two sugars. Sometimes three.
Bullying your siblings will still be allowed.
And most of all, kisses will still feel the same on your skin.

You’re not older, wiser or more mature.katepowell6
You’re only bigger, bolder, more aware.

You can still cry in your sheets
Watch Disney movies
Laugh when no one else does
You can still miss a step
Only work part time
Pretend you’re a princess
You don’t have to start visiting gardens
Wearing cardigans and beige
Visiting a beautician

You don’t even have to do that when you’re 98.
You can still live young, footloose and unbuttoned.

(all art work is created by Kate Powell. check her out here)

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