Hello, Hola, Hallo, Ç’kemi

Well, hey. IMG_4435

So I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long long time. I have been through multiple Tumblr blogs. Some supporting the likes of Hunger Games and X Factor Rejects. I tried to go deep and personal but there’s something ‘unofficial‘ about Tumblr. I’ve had this WordPress for almost a year and a half and it’s only today that I finally feel like I know what I want out of a BLOG.

This blog will follow my journey as a writer (mostly). I’ll be doing book reviews, travel diaries (n.b. the multicultural greetings above), opinion articles and pretty much anything that I feel strongly enough to sit down and write about. However, I really want to publish my short stories & poems and see how I grow as an author. Now, this is pretty much the most nervewracking thing ever because I don’t show people my writings but someone recently told me ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway‘. (so I am)
5806211_origAnd I’ve had a little confidence boost this summer :: I got published (!!!!) in the Grind Journal. (my article is not yet public… but soon!) I was ecstatic, shocked and frankly, emotional. I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I can remember but when I got the email a few weeks ago saying that my short story had been chosen from and amongst many to be published, I felt something in me change.

I really grasped onto this dream of mine. I’ve written story after story, poem after poem, song after song, excerpt and chunks of novels. I’ve had the odd comment like ‘Really good’ or ‘Too ambitious’ or ‘Hasn’t this already been done?’ but for the GRIND (!!!) to want me really planted this flower in my head that has just been blooming since.

Now I’ve not really been able to write much since then (super busy and all that jazz) but I’ve been able to edit and re read and appreciate some of the things I’ve written this year.

And I’ve written so many things and am so creatively frustrated … I need a ‘headspace‘. I’ve used SO much space on my iPhone thorugh voice memos and notes. I’ll be sitting in the park, or on the train, or next to someone I don’t know that well when I’ll get a burst of inspiration. I’ll whisper song lyrics into my speaker or hide over my phone as I rapidly type a poem into my notes hoping whoever is next to me doesn’t see.

But… I kind of want people to see. And henceforth, here’s my little place where I can gather my thoughts, opinions, dreams, and daisy chains of words together to hopefully make something at least a little pretty.


I took this picture in Edinburgh. It symbolises what I feel. There are so many beautiful flowers, all drifting and swaying by themselves and individually beautiful. But there’s nothing quite like stringing them together and wearing a daisy chain. I need to put my, yet individually beautiful, thoughts and words together so that they mean something and can be strung across my world and worn like a daisy chain.

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